Why Use HipPocketz?

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide real estate agents with a current database of private listings that can’t be viewed anywhere else while maintaining buyer and seller privacy.

HipPocketz was created as a solution to the limited exposure pocket listings receive as well as eliminate some of the negative associations surrounding these listings. We are a pro-buyer/pro-seller/pro-realtor website and encourage hardworking and accomplished agents to get involved.

Our Values

HipPocketz is dedicated to providing a current online database of private listing as well as upholding the privacy of buyers and sellers. The trust that our agent members place in our company is essential to our success, so we always treat our clients with the respect and fairness they deserve.

HipPocketz is not meant to be an alternative to the MLS. We created HipPocketz so that there could be one place where realtors, buyers, and sellers could view or feature private real estate listings that are not available to see anywhere else.